Keychain Lens

Candidatura a Visionaries by VisionDirect 2020

keychain lens is a brilliant silicone case of the conventional carrier. keychain lens allows you to use the holder as a key ring, and always carry your contact lenses in your pocket. This design allows it to be used with a key ring or with a carabiner so that its use is not limited as just a key ring.

Its versatile design allows the use of the cover with any type of contact lens holder, due to its elasticity which will make it able to tie all possible dimensions of lens holder. The material used to manufacture the case is silicone. Some of its properties are low chemical reactivity, low toxicity and thermal stability. The finish of Keychain lens has bright colors, making them glow in the dark being perfectly visible in environments with no light.

Funda llavero para estuche de lentillas. Candidatura a Visionaries by VisionDirect 2020

Modelado y renderizado con Blender